Business Discount

With you get a discount on our services so that your customers can save more money and organize their lives by documenting their personal belongings. This opportunity would allow your customers to document and store their content inventory before a loss and after a loss. There are so many advantages for your customer having a service of this nature. This service is great for pre-loss inventory so that a customer will not have to remember what they had after a loss it will already be documented.

Our system will allow them to access their information 24 hours 365 days a year with unlimited usage. Your customer will have the advantage of adding new contents and removing old contents to their inventory list at their leisure.

Benefits with Discount:

  • Pre-loss Inventory for your customers
  • Save $30.00 off our regular price.
  • Unlimited Changes to Inventory List
  • Up to 15% off our detailed Pricing Service.
  • Up to 10% off our Discount Company Subscription.
  • Easy and Simple to Use.

With a Business account use our automated inventory for just $149.99 instead of $179.99

How to request a Business account?

  1. Register a standard account here (register)
  2. After your registration is complete, login and request a Business account here (Business account request)
  3. After your account is approved, pay for the automated inventory package, your discounted price will be applied on the checkout page.