Our Mission at Easyclaimpayment.com

Create a simple and uncomplicated way for you to document the contents damaged, destroyed or lost at your home following a catastrophe.

  • A completed inventory allows you to collect money for every personal property item – up to your policy limit;
  • Our tutorials guide you in the claim process;
  • The claims flow chart will keep you on task to complete your inventory and settle your contents claim.


Most residential homeowner policies provide insurance coverage for Personal Property (also called Contents or Personal Effects).

  • Coverage for your loss is based on your insurance policy requirements;
  • Requirements vary based on what caused the loss;
  • Contents loss occur by impact, collapse, fire, wind or water;
  • An insured homeowner has policy duties they must follow to get paid.

And this is all very confusing. Especially after the event that destroyed what you have spent a lifetime collecting.

When personal property is damaged or destroyed, it is very emotional and stressful. Many policyholders are very emotional for months after the loss.

Trying to remember all the things lost only makes it more upsetting. It becomes worse when having to remember the things you once owned and then list it on an insurance forms.

Always these forms are too small with not enough lines to allow you to list everything. And your insurance does not help with this.

The homeowner is told to make more copies of the form and fill it out completely. So many times, there is no explanation on how to fill out the forms.

But this is the duty under the homeowner policy. A homeowner must provide an inventory of the lost or damaged items. It is a policy requirement.

Having to dealing with the insurance companies claim is emotional, upsetting and incredibly stressful. The homeowner relives their loss every time they touch the paper inventory form.

And where do you find the time to write up the inventory list on the form provided by the insurance? What if you lose the list, or there are multiple lists put in too many places to remember?

  • You are not alone.
  • Everyone that has lost their home and possessions has the same problem.
  • It difficult to make time, sit down and write up a complete inventory list;
  • Invariably you will be emotional about everything lost in the home.
  • But not taking the time will affect the outcome of your settlement.


Here is where we help you. We’ve got this.

Having an automated property inventory list helps you complete the inventory rapidly. And with a complete inventory, you are more likely to receive a more accurate and reasonable replacement value for your personal property.

That’s why we created EasyClaimPayment.com. Let us help you take back control of your life and their claim process.

First thing you should do:
Report your claim as soon as possible.
Never intentionally claim items on your inventory list.